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Dragonfly Pendant

Dragonfly Pendant

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Materials: Sterling Silver

Dragonfly Meaning:

  • A dragonfly symbol represents change and transformation. It is a reminder for you to allow yourself to experience joy.
  • A dragonfly encourages you to dive into your emotions and asks yourself to shine with your true colors.
  • A dragonfly asks us to break free from our self created illusions. As its wings reflects light, it asks us to reflect our inner light. 
  • It encourages us to be adaptable, creative and inspired.
  • A dragonfly asks you to express your truths freely. Be yourself!
  • Dragonflies re,ind us to live life to the fullest. Grow, change, and love.
  • Many Irish, Scottish, and Gaelic legends talk about the magic of dragonflies. They represent overcoming delusions imposed on oneself.